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Monster Cable MB 8-PRO CHG AA Pro Charger w/ 8 2100 mAh Powercells

Manufacturer: Monster Cable

  • Can charge up to four 2,100mAh AA or AAA batteries simultaneously in just over an hour
  • Smart Digital Charger circuitry that delivers the exact amount of charge your battery needs
  • Smart charging technology supplies power to each power cell individually
  • Features four individual status LEDs that light up when charging, turn off when done, and flash indicating a bad battery
  • Comes with both an AC adapter and a 12-volt car adapter, as well as eight AA rechargeable 2,100mAh batteries

Editorial Reviews
On Location Or On Vacation, Digital Camera Enthusiasts Need All The Power They Can Get. Digital photographers like you know how much power it takes for your high quality equipment to keep running. For example, Digital SLR's can really suck up the juice, and you don't want to be without power when that perfect shot happens. By using all eight batteries that come with Monster's Digital Camera Power Pack, you can make sure that never happens. Just keep four PowerCells in the Ultra-High Capacity ProCharger Unit and four in your digital camera or flash to avoid those performance pitfalls. Today's High Resolution Digital Cameras Need The Ultra-High Capacity Of Monster Ultra 2100 PowerCells. Short battery life can put a major cramp in a digital photographer's life. At 2100mAh, Monster's Ultra 2100 PowerCells have more capacity than ordinary 1600mAh rechargeables. And because the Ultra 2100s last longer per charge you'll spend less time charging and more time taking great pictures and checking them out on screen. In the Studio or On the Road, Monster's Digital Camera ProCharger Will Keep You Charged Up. Charge your PowerCells anytime using the supplied wall outlet or car adapter. Smart charging technology supplies power to each PowerCell individually, so you can charge one to four at any time and they'll all charge at the same capacity without under or over charging! ProCharger's LEDs light up when charging, turn off when done, and flash when an alkaline or 'bad' battery is mistakenly placed in the ProCharger.

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