Patrick Landau Israel And His Road To Maydex

Patrick Landau from Israel

Patrick Landau is one of the greatest names in the business world. His experiences taught him that if one perseveres in life, they too can achieve great success. If too are interested how this man behind Maydex was able to reach his dreams, then this article is for you. Patrick Landau from Israel is the kind of man who can teach you how to become a better entrepreneur through his experiences.

Patrick Landau from IsraelPatrick Landau’s Educational Achievements

Landau received Bac C in Mathematics at the Lycée Paul Valéry. Then he decided that he wanted to study abroad and live his dream. He wanted to study in the United States because he liked how education is in the US. So he enrolled at Yeshiva University in New York to study Philosophy of Torah Umadda in Modern Orthodox Judaism. This is where he received his MBA in physics and economics. After a year, he decides to study at Harvard to study economics. He had to take a job at the Israeli embassy in Washington in order to finance his studies since it was close to Boston.

Patrick Landau And Maydex

As soon as he got a taste of what his small coffee trade business was like, he got more and more interested. In 1986, he met a woman who would then become his wife on a business trip. He realized that others were also interested in his expertise. He was able to work with large businesses in every sector which includes the military. This is when he started selling planes by being the middleman between large companies and the military.

Because his business was successful, he decided to start a merger. He was able to work with Credit Lyonnaise which became Banque Colbert. Landau was able to buy all the shares and he also added acquisitions and mergers to his portfolio. This continued until 2008 but he then left for Switzerland.

He then started a new organization in Zurich – Maydex. This company is very close to his heart because the name alone is an acronym of the names of all his children. Maydex was made possible by teams of specialists who were selected for their expertise in geographic and sector-specific knowledge. This includes experts in transport, energy, aeronautics, as well as defense and security.

Patrick Landau is today’s expert when it comes to security technology. He knows better compared to anyone when it comes to networking and business. This sixty-something man continues to learn by spending more time reading news articles that will help him find new deals from all around the world.