How does it work with Drivetrain

Drivetrains work very differently purely depending on the orientation. The major and common orientations are four-wheel orientation and two-wheel orientation:

Rear wheel drive train: The power from an engine is delivered to a rear wheel of the car. This is a very common orientation which is used nowadays in small cars and big cars. It stands out due to the ability to deliver the weight more equitably across both the tires. The most efficient arrangement is braking.

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In this kind of configuration, the transmission connects it to a drive shaft and carries the speed of an engine. The shaft of the drive is nothing but a spinning tube that connects the transmission to the different part. The differential sits between rear wheels. The name comes from the function of the same that is allowing the wheel to spin at a different speed which being particularly important when cornering. This also converts the direction of the torque from shaft before that gets into the rear tires.

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