Alexis Assadi: Who is He and What We Must Know about Him

Getting rich is a dream of many. But only a few thrive. Question is, are we confident enough to know the ways to sure success?

While we are hoping to earn a lot of cash, determined and diligent individuals are usually the ones that build paths that will lead them to better opportunities. Plus, they often have the burning passion and the love at what they do which make them a lot better at their respective field of interest.

Have you heard of Alexis Assadi?

You probably came across his name on social media or Google search, but he’s an entrepreneur and investor who is an avid advocate in building multiple revenue streams.

What’s surprising about this individual is that he reached his financial freedom at 26.

Alexis Assadi

Who is Assadi?

He was born in Geneva, Switzerland to a middle-class family in 1988. Like with other families, Assadi’s parents made sure that he and his sister live a good life. This explains the numerous travels they had in different places such as Hong Kong and Australia when he was a kid.

After 12 years, they became Canadian Citizens. Since he has lots of relatives in the US, he and his family traveled at least once a year to visit them.

Alexis Assadi was a proud graduate of Political Science in the University of British Columbia. Though his first two school years wasn’t commendable, he did better great things in the late half. He believed that he’s one of the people who excel at the things they love.

At 19 years old, he received a call from a banker. That’s when his interest in investments got started. Despite having no knowledge or capital, he continued on his journey.

His opinions about investing

One of the things that Assadi believed in is the investments for monthly income, using some strategies become a good investor and reach the long-term result. Because of his passion for investing, he wants others to read and understand as well. By creating articles, he tried to show his readers that wealth can be acquired by getting income producing assets.

Investing is a craft.

It’s one thing which he always keeps in mind. Even if there are many licensed professionals out there, he doesn’t blindly trust his money to them. This makes him capable and aware of his activities. And just like other stories of success, it takes years of trial and error, refinement, study and proper practice to become successful at his craft. By taking his time to learn to invest, he can be able to get involved in lucrative ventures with fewer risks.