Best Real Estate Investment Options

Multiplying your money TENFOLD

A lot of people consider real estate to be a very good investment. With the unpredictability of the market, it can be a bit risky to invest in real estate; especially if you don’t know your options. Now, with real estate and you can have one of two results: either you invest in a property which can generate income for you or invest in a property which can do you more financial harm than good.

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These are just some of the smartest real estate investment options that any individual can take advantage of:

Single and multi family residences:

Single resident homes are great when the economy is in good condition and has lesser risk involved. One main advantage that single family residences have over multifamily residences is the lower costs of maintenance and purchasing. There are also added bonuses like lower tax rates and less paperwork to be worried about. On the other hand, multifamily residences can generate more income than single family properties, have lesser upkeep costs and buying the property can be cheaper since it’s for more than one family.


Flipping is when a buyer purchases a house and sells it for profit. This type of investment option is favorable to those who are familiar with the market conditions and those who recognize the right time when to sell the houses as well as the most effective methods in selling these houses.

Commercial real estate:

unlike residential real estate, commercial real estate are properties that are used to generate income such as retail office buildings, restaurants, medical facilities, manufacturing facilities, malls, apartments and even motels. While this is probably one of the most expensive real estate investments, the rewards far outweigh the risks because you are offering your asset (the property) to various income-generating people.

Residential rental:

This is considered as a playground for first time investors because you don’t need to spend too much money to acquire the property. Another added benefit is that it’s easier to purchase the property and convert it into an apartment where you can rent out the residential spaces. There is a heavy risk in residential rental because there’s a big chance that renters will default their payments and you end up paying the apartment expenses like maintenance and various upkeep.

Real estate investment, like any other business venture with davenport laroche, will always have its glorious rewards and its risks. If you play your cards right, you can dominate the market in a few months and you can end up multiplying your income to a hundredfold.