Do You Know The Different Types Of Waste?

We use so many different products in our day to day life. Many times we just throw away some products that can be recycled. We are unable to differentiate between the recycle waste and non-recycling waste. This article will help you to find different types of wastes.

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  1. Liquid Waste – Most common types of waste that can be found both in household as well as in industries. The liquid waste includes dirty water, wash water, waste detergents, organic liquids and the rain water. The liquid waste is further classified into two groups the point source waste and non-point source waste.To dispose the liquid waste in an appropriate and better way you need to consult a waste removal expert.
  2. Solid Rubbish –you will find solid rubbish in every household and most places. Solid wastes are divided into different types mainly the plastic waste, paper waste, tins and metals and ceramics and glass. You can look for the dumpster rental DaltonGA services if there is huge collection of solid waste and unable to find a vehicle to carry it to the waste management place.
  • Plastic Waste- Plastic waste includes materials made up of plastic like plastic bags, containers, bottles, jars and many other things.Plastics are a non-biodegradable product, which cannot be decomposed but can be recycled. Every person should remember to hold a separate place for the plastic waste in the house or at commercial sites.
  • Tins and metals – these products can be found in our homes and restaurants, local stores and other places. Most of these can be recycled and need to be disposed properly at a recycle depot. Most companies around Dalton offers you variety of services and also helps in waste managements
  • Paper waste or card waste – paper waste are the products made up of paper and this includes the newspapers, packaging materials, cardboards, empty boxes and many of the product that can be recycled easily is paper. It can be recycled and reused. In order to recycle paper waste you need to dispose it at a proper place or take them at your closest recycling depot.
  • Ceramics and glass – these products can be easily recycled. Look out for the product made up of glasses and bottle banks and take them to the nearest disposal center to get recycled.