The upcoming Crypto Investment Summit 2018 on October 22 to 24 at the Los Angeles Convention Center has a lot in store for investors and exhibitors of the biggest gathering of people involved in the thriving industry.

Making it more exciting is the presence of Adam Jiwan who will serve as one of the key speakers of the three-day convention.

In this article, let us get to know more about Jiwan and his relevance and importance in the world of Crypto Currency and it’s latest innovations and development that will be crucial in the next few years to come.

Jiwan is one of the founders of the Ridge Road Partners LLC or the Ridge Road Capital Partners which was established in 2012. When it comes to the world of business and investments, Jiwan is the go-to-guy because he is also the co-founder of Future Finance Loan Corporation Limited which was established prior to Ridge Road Partners LLC.

Finance Loan Corporation

Future Finance Loan Corporation Limited is a financial and Credit Company that offers student loans for undergraduates and postgraduate students in the United Kingdom which is used for tuition fees, bills and other payments associated with their current studies. It was founded in 2002 in Dublin, Ireland where Jiwan served as the co-founder.

He also became a partner to another global investment firm namely the TPG-Axon Capital Management. It is a privately owned hedge fund sponsor that has multiple offices located in different parts of the world in New York, London, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and Tokyo, Japan.  This financial firm mainly focuses to people who have a high net worth, banking institutions, and pension funds by providing investment options for pharmaceuticals, financial services, energy, basic materials and retail, as well as healthcare after it was founded in 2005. Jiwan helped the TPG-Axon Capital Management establish its presence in London where was assigned as the Chief Executive Officer where he led the company to create a stronger presence in the European investment market scene and he eventually held the position as the second to the highest position in the office in the Asian region.

With his hold in the Asian region, Jiwan established along with his partners the TPG-Axon Capital Management’s Hong Kong office where they poured in investments in both the private and private companies and markets under a wide variety of industries and neighboring countries and cities in Hong Kong.

Right now, Adam Jiwan is focusing more on his stint as the Chief Executive Officer of Spring Labs which happens to be him as the founder also. Spring Labs is a Blockchain Startup based in Los Angeles, California, the United States. Jiwan put up Spring Labs as a financial institution which is aiming to help to identify, verifying, and creating a process to a more secure and efficient cryptocurrency investment system.

Recently Spring Labs remarkably lived up to its reputation as a startup that aims to provide help to financial institutions through identity verification by raising $15-million dollars for a start-up or early-stage investment with the partnership of  Victory Park Capital and Multicoin Capital; a crypto asset manager. They also made it possible with the help of its investors namely Great Point Ventures, August Capital which served as the seed funding round along with Jump Capital.

Jiwan will be one of the dozen influential speakers in the world of cryptocurrency and investment market in the three days Crypto Investment Summit 2018.