Invest in Davenport Laroche for a safe ROI on alternative investments

Davenport Laroche is a HongKong based company that offers alternative investment options for investors. The areas in which it offers investment opportunities are gemstones, precious metals, real estate investments and shipping containers. The company had been a hub for real estate investments for a long time before it got recognised for the investment options of shipping containers. The precious metals and gems that Davenport Laroche offers as an alternative investment are gold, silver, platinum and Palladium. The idea behind using these precious gems and metals as an alternative investment is that they can be used as a hedge against difficult financial times. The real estate alternative investment option offered by Davenport Laroche helps the investors invest in large areas of real estate with another group of potential buyers which is then taken care of by the company so that the investors do not have to worry about managing the property but do get returns on investment from the company which are specified in their company policy.

strategic location of Davenport Laroche

The strategic location of Davenport Laroche has helped the company to gain top spot as container agents by offering shipping containers as an alternative investment option. The agents of the company have a wide knowledge of the container business and are well connected with the shipping companies which give them the edge in maintaining the containers in a profitable way. The company provides options to the investors in shipping containers with high rewarding profit percentiles. The investors can either buy them directly or lease them to the shipping companies which are all taken care of by Davenport Laroche. The company also has a buyback policy after five years through which the investors get reimbursed on the containers they have bought by the market value prevailing at the time. The investors can choose a monthly or quarterly scheme in which the company provides their ROI, the percentage is 12% for the guaranteed scheme and more than 12% for the non-guarantee option which are all explained in detail in their company policy and to the investors while investing. Davenport Laroche helps in smooth running of the investments and with their vast experienced agents, the investors have full control over their investments.