There is no doubt that cryptocurrencies are here to stay and have got huge potential in the future. As long as you know the core of cryptocurrencies and its market trends, one can make the best out of it. But without proper knowledge and analysis, investing in virtual currencies can prove to be a high risk investment. is here to save you from making any wrong investment. We bring to you all the information, analysis and latest trends in cryptocurrency market which will help you in making the right deal.

Blockchain Technology:

Cryptocurrencies operate on blockchain technology. Hence, it becomes important for one to be aware of it. It is truly an ingenious invention that allows digital information to be distributed but not copied. It was originally developed for the digital currency, bitcoin. Today, the tech community is exploring its other potential uses. The best part of blockchain technology is that there are no more missed transactions and any kind of human or machine errors. It is completely public and easily verifiable.

Blockchain Technology

Tips for crypto trading:

Here are some of the valuable tips that traders should keep in mind before trading their cryptocurrencies.

  • Never invest all your BTC in one or two coins. Always look to diversify.
  • Everything depends on the movement of bitcoins. If Bitcoin rushes, altcoin dumps and if bitcoin dumps, altcoin dumps.
  • One should not ignore the risks involved in leveraged trading on Bitmex. Since cryptocurrencies are volatile, there are higher risks involved in trading this way. One should be extremely careful with margin and leverage. Hence, one should first confirm with oneself if this kind of trading is suitable for their trading account.
  • Cryptotoping tech backend is a nice add on, though it needs human confirmation. It monitors the crypto market and notifies you when an asset receives an unusual amount of market action. One can use the crypto ping telegram bot with free trial, but it is suggested to proceed with caution.

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