Ronn Torrosian- More On 5wpr

Ronn Torrosian has two decades of experience and won numerous awards and citations for his work in the industry and other wise. He is a philanthropist and lot of charity work has been undertaken by him. His ethics always meant to give back to others. His agency has won the as the best in the industry, three years in a row. He has been able to capture the consumer, corporate and also the digital space with his accomplishments. He has conquered all spaces of public reach from crisis management to public affairs and is has not spared the social media.

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He made his firm flexible enough to pick through the various evolving structures posed in business industry. The variable are often not known, if known are the constants which are complex but to weave through them and get your perspective and finally get the customer to eat out of your hands is no mean task. This Ronn Torrosian is achieved by this man who strives to put 5WPR onto the global map. He has been on the advisory board of many blue chip companies, regions leaders and not to mention business executives not only at home turf but worldwide.

The Ethics he followed

His ethics involve complete transparency and commitment to his work which has yielded him good results and will continue to do so. He has set out on a new path which is rarely followed by many firms. He allows an open door communication with his employees as well as clients, this way there will less strife and people contribute to the final product and this will also enhance the level of productivity and participation. He has offices all over America and a large clientele to boast of, yet he is grounded and has retained his work ethics that was from day one of his firm’s inception.

He has come up with sophisticated programs and knows how to engage people and draw their attention. This has helped him achieve the status of being the busiest PR firms today. Though it is a midsized agency, it specialises in giving world class service.