The Essential Rules When Wearing A Suit

There is always a suit hanging in the men’s wardrobe. This is the outfit for men which is their essential go-to. If you are a fond of wearing and collection suits, there are some rules you might need to follow. Combatant Gentlemen have gathered the suit rules you need to know to get the best out of your suit jacket.

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There are rules carved in stone to follow when it comes to wearing any suit. You can wear a preference or style but, sometimes you need to follow the standards. Each jacket has the ability to turn even the most casual or laid-back look. When wearing men’s suit remember:

  • It is important and will give you the classy look if the last button is always open. This style is for aesthetic purposes but make sure to keep it open as often as possible.
  • Unbutton while sitting down. Don’t spoil your suit, unfastening your buttons is a must to have the comfort.
  • Fasten the first Button. You need to fasten the button of the shirt at the topmost. But make sure that you are not choking yourself out. Change the shirt in case you are uncomfortable.
  • The Light Square Pocket. This pocket is important if you are wearing a dark suit and vice-versa. Make sure it is well-ironed to achieve the neat look.
  • Pair with the right watch. If you are wearing a nice suit, do not pair it with a sports watch.
  • Getting The Right Fit

Buying off-the-rack suits can be sometimes difficult. You may think that you have the perfect fit only to notice that the jacket sits away from your torso. Remember that most off-the-rack suits designed for generic body types.Combatant Gentlemen

  • For Gym-honed Body Type. If you are active in the gym chances are, you will conform to what tailors call the perfect V shape. This suit has a strong shoulder line and a nipped-in waist. A gym-honed type should avoid cuts that are narrow for they will look too encasing. The single-breasted suit is better than double, which are boxy and add heft to a sleek silhouette. Opt for a soft cut on the shoulder line if your upper body is particularly bulky. This is to avoid looking too much like a baseball player.
  • For Stocky and Solid Body. If you have a broader shoulder you need to steer clear of extraneous detail, like patch pockets. You can opt for a two-buttons-per-jacket most to cut the extra bulk to an already solid silhouette. You need to balance a solid torso with a neat cut but not slim-fit trousers. Also, do not opt for baggy trousers for comfort’s sake.
  • For Skinny Body Type. If you have a skinny body type, having a 15-inch shirt collar is a bit roomy. Ask for a tailor to help you stand tall and proud. It is also helpful to have a roped shoulder lends an extra puff to the cut. The suit will likely to sit in a gentle peak and lends a stronger shoulder line. To add more presence, wear a double-breasted jacket.