The Problems facing E-commerce

B2C is a business term and for the people that don’t know about B2C, it kinda becomes this very complicated jargon but its actually very simple. B2C or business to consumer is a type of e-commerce model, as what it’s called for, businesses selling or offers products and services online to consumers. Transactions are all online and its the norm nowadays.

E-commerce is basically online selling and its where B2C has found its home. The appeal mostly for people doing e-commerce is because it doesn’t take much to put up an online business, especially now that there is web hosting sites that are optimized for e-commerce. This type of commerce might be cheap to put up but operating it is a different problem on its own.

online business

Logistics issues: If you are a local business and you plan to have this online business for you to tap into the international market, you need to know that aside from payment issues, the primary concern all the time is logistics. Think about it, various countries have their own logistics process and laws. The logistics time is longer and issues aren’t going to be fixed overnight. If you send the wrong item, the wrong size, item not as described or damaged goods, it’s a long process of returns and shipping back the correct item.

Its inventory: If you are able to manage your inventory in your physical store pretty easy with a pen and paper, its different with an online business. Because with the online business your sales are expected to go up and that means inventory rolls fast. Inventory is one of the key factors in a B2C business success and if you plan to be good at it with bigger inventory a pen and paper just wouldn’t do. The solution? Automation. Having an automated process is this line that separates you from a happy stress-free life to a lifelong psychiatric treatment.

The solution: The solution is to have this automated system that can assist you with logistics and inventory. These systems might not take care of it directly but a tested and proven consolidated system can help you make things easier. In case you’re wondering what that is, its called WebJaguar and its the missing link between you and your online business success. They offer a system that simply works!

  • A system that is highly customizable
  • A system that is scalable
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B2C is a business model that is defined as a business directly offering their products and services to consumers. This is very popular nowadays since there are already millions of online businesses that exist on the world wide web. While literally you don’t break a sweat in opening an online store, not to mention opening one doesn’t break your bank as well, your easy life ends there because managing one especially an international online store is hard, since you have to deal with a ton of problems and the most common ones are logistics and inventory. If you don’t take care of that while in the early stages, things will escalate quickly from bad to worse and your dreams of owning an online business come crashing along with it. Before that happens to check out the B2C Ecommerce Software by WebJaguar.