Loris Greaud — Artist or Aesthetic Adventurer?

Art has a very high place in most communities and it’s also valued highly by many. For this reason, artists are also valued and respected for their skills and their own foresight. Over the years, many individuals have been noted for their works. And the pieces of the greatest artist also turned out to be the biggest legends and references for art.

Each artist has their own uniqueness and trait that sets them apart from others. Because of such traits, they are also recognized easily. The perfect example is the French-born contemporary artist Loris Greaud. At 35, he’s the most revered contemporary artist. And it’s not just in one field. He is considered the best in multidisciplinary types of art.

contemporary artist Loris Greaud

An aesthetic adventurer

Greaud was noted to be eccentric in his tastes and in the concepts he chooses to pursue. However, the end result is always crowd-pleasing and it also has a certain aesthetic quality that’s difficult to mimic or even follow. Greaud’s trademark has always been the mixture of numerous elements and not merely relying on one material and concept to surpass the artistic boundaries that most artists often create for themselves unknowingly.

The pursuit of beauty

Art has always been considered a means of expression and emotions. While this is still felt in Greaud’s works and projects, one can’t deny that the main focus of was the expression of beauty and how proper combination of things is able to create something that people thought wasn’t artistically possible.

The unfamiliar elements

One project and work isn’t limited to a certain material or one area of art. There’s always a combination of numerous substances and elements. It’s complicated but the results have always been considered worth it. For the more specific fields needed like architecture, acoustics, and other things, the artist has decided to collaborate with other people who are also known in their respective fields.

The exhibit that shook the art world

The Unplayed Notes Museum became the talk of the town. But not for the reason most art enthusiasts will expect. Several minutes into the unveiling of the artworks, vandals attacked the entire venue, specifically the art pieces. The exhibit that was held at Dallas Contemporary came as a surprise to many individuals. What was even more surprising is the fact that the artist has decided to go with this activity and task. Many have interpreted this specific act as a means of sending of message. Greaud has never been one for tradition and norms. And the traditional means of showcasing a specific artwork has created restrictions for others. Hence, the scandalous event.