Tea Teases – Enjoy Your Tea

Who doesn’t like to wake up to the morning cuppa?  Different strata of society usually have different habits.  Eating and drinking habits of the rich and the poor differ greatly.  Their tastes and likings largely differ based on the kind of food and drinks they can afford.  Yet, most people across the world, rich or poor, old or young, modern or traditional, they are all united in their one morning habit – their morning cup of tea just as https://talecup.com.

Across generations and since times immemorial, people have been enjoying their cup of tea everyday on waking up in the morning.  Usually, people living in different regions eat and dress uniquely and differently from other regions.  However, in their tea drinking habits most people are similar.  Tea is popular with most people.  It is used to begin mornings; it is used to strike friendships and deals; it is used to entertain guests; it is used to kill hunger pangs and it is also used to keep sleep away.

morning cuppa

While traditionally there was only one type of tea, today the humble tea has metamorphosed into a multi hued entity.  The market now is flooded with different kinds of tea.   There is masala tea, ginger tea, cardmom tea, cinnamon tea and herbal tea among others.  Then there is green tea, honey and lemon tea and even the expensive white tea.

Green tea today has become a rage https://talecup.com.  It has become popular among the new generation because of its fat burning and anti oxidant properties.  Green tea has taken on more style by adding to itself a touch of honey or lime or spices.  People like to drink green tea for its health benefits over conventional black tea with milk, because the conventional tea is said to contain caffeine and is not very good for our health.  Excessive consumption of such tea also causes acidity and other health problems.

Green tea on the other hand, is healthy.  However, what one must remember while consuming green tea is that drinking green tea on an empty stomach is not a good idea.  Green tea supposedly has anti bacterial properties.  If we drink green tea first thing in the morning on an empty stomach then we would be destroying all the friendly bacteria in our gut that would have collected in our system over the night.  The anti bacterial property in green tea would inadvertently destroy our good bacteria as well and thus impair our digestive process.  So, use your discretion and enjoy your tea.