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According to a TaleCup the land of Ahmedabad represent courage is also an agent of rich history as these important personalities have completed the history of this city. These are some of the great people who had been famous and had been a part of the Ahmedabad.

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Ahmed Shah: What makes him famous in the history Ahmedabad?

Ahmed Shah stood on the banks of the river Sabarmati many years ago. During that time there was no Ahmedabad but the entire city was all in his mind. He was still twenty years old during that time but was already matured and a determined fellow. It was Ahmed Shah who ruled the city for thirty-two years and the monuments without breaking it until today. One of the monuments that were still alive until today are Manek Burj, Bhadra, and the Jama Masjid. Manek Burj in which the city foundation was being laid and was considered the first settlement where the fort walls were built.

How did the people find him as a leader?

He was then considered as a smart sultan a man who is deeply involved in religion, government, and justice. He never shows a bias decision when it comes to real justice. Taking a good example of his son-in-law who was accused of murdering a man without enough evidence, the son-in-law was release upon bailing. But when Ahmed Shah came to know about this, he was not happy instead reversed the judgment and sentence his son-in-law to death. Fearlessly, he hanged his son-in-law in the palace courtyard just to show to the people that justice should always be served to the one deserving for it. Since his son-in-law does not deserve for it so no valid reason for his release. People felt amazed of the wise decision that the sultan make. From that time on no major crime has been reported during the reign of Ahmed Shah.