How to increase memory power through our food habits?

Good health is a great nature of one’s life and a person with good memory will improve his self-tendency and he will be conscious on all activities. There are many reasons for lacking our memory power so that we need to have good memory thing we should be narrow down to earn some information’s and to follow food activities. Obviously a best diet and food will improve the memory function of one’s life and he will remain healthy too. In order to bring a healthy life you should feed some basic activities to yourself.Memory power is not a thing that comes because of brain power and it is a thing that where you are not concentrating or not interested in some activity to get those thing back. Memory power is simply said to be an activity which recalls the thing back.

Brain foods are famous in health nutrition and it have rich vitamins to stimulate the brain power but we can have those vitamins and nutrition in some foods like avocados, bananas, cantaloupe, oranges, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, spinach, romance lettuce, collard greens, potatoes, legumes, soybeans and much more eatables. Even you can have chicken, eggs, tuna and oat meal which ensure you a good memory power for your day.

When you are going to bed have some milk and cheese because it helps to provide good health and improves the brain activity. There are even some foods which make the memory to loss the activities and they are sugars, nicotine, alcohol, white bread, fats and oils, heavy beverages and junk foods. These are the enemy of brain where it reduces the memory of a person. This is because while on consuming those alcohols we generally used to loss some activity of the brain at some point and our body remains to stay relax than to think about the thing.

Drinking more water is the best super method to increase your memory power and also it is good one to be healthy all time. When you started to have 8 to 10 glasses a day which means 2 liters of water will make your brain with optimal functions and gather the information in right time. Eating sweets or carbonated sugary drinks will give instant boost to mind and body but when you get tired and reduce health activities slow by slow. Those things are too bad to brain. One should keep his brain hydrated and he has to think and remembers the things better than before. Eat more breakfast and snacks at right intervals which help you to provide energy to the body when it is really needed.

For example if you are placing a key chain on certain place and you are forgotten on the next morning by searching them on the whole room. Later you will find the key chain on your bike where you left yesterday. These kinds of habits can be easy changed just by practice. Say yourself thrice of the place that where you kept the key then on next morning you can find the place where you kept the key.