Insane and Crazy Lawsuits that Won

There are times when the law is on our side and there are times that it isn’t. This is how the justice system works. There are also times when the law favours those who have done the deed and not the victim. People consider it as an injustice. I call it an insane and independent action of the law taking matters into its own hands. I do not blame the lawyers and prosecutors, but rather, I blame the justice system sometimes.

When lawsuits work out for the betterment of the one who inflicted harm or damage, it’s a sign of a flawed system that gets excused as something trivial. Let’s take a look at this insane lawsuits and why I think they are insane.

crazy lawsuits

Prankster gets the better verdict

In Duluth, Minnesota, a prankster found it funny to put detergent in the Canal Park’s Fountain of Wind, creating a mountain of bubbles. Several hours later, a woman by the name of Kathy Kelly walked by the fountain, slipped, and lacerated her left shin. The cut became infected because her diabetes and this resulted in almost $40,000 worth of medical expenses. She sued the city for not putting up signs, even though the municipal workers were informed of the hazard four hours earlier. 3 years after the incident, she was awarded $125,000, as the jury found the city 70% responsible and 30% responsible.

I found that there was a bit of lacklustre action on the city’s part because of their delay to clean up the entire scene, but I think that it’s common sense to avoid walking into a soapy area because we all know what happens when we do.

Is it the system?

Then we have lawsuits that affect our education system, and believe me, I’ve had plenty of these back in the day. Unfortunately, I won as these schools’ defendant. Let’s take a look at a lawsuit where a school lost. Trina Thompson, a native Bronx New Yorker, sued her school Monroe College after she was unable to get a job three months after graduating with a degree in Information Technology. She specifically went after the school’s Office of Career Advancement for not working hard enough to secure her a job after she graduated. Trina was reported to have a perfect attendance in all her classes and has a 2.7 grade point average. She got $70,000 back for her tuition and $2,000 for emotional stress.

I hate going after schools if I am the prosecutor simply because it’s not the education system’s fault if the graduate is unable to do something with their education. It’s not common in the USA to see people sue the schools for something their children couldn’t do. This is an abominable act that is an insult to education and justice system as a whole.

When it comes right down to it, people abuse the power of the justice system so they can compensate for their financial incapacities and moral idiosyncrasies. This damages the integrity and dignity of our legal system. It’s not only in North America and Canada that we have people like this. Do a search for crazy lawsuits and tell me what you think.  Trust me, even firms like Barr & Young lawyers won’t ever let this happen to them as they have professional probate attorneys with them.