How did the Fourth Avenue Residences at Six Avenue MRT avail the project?

Newly developed residences located just right at the central part of Bukit Timah Road at Sixth Avenue MRT station. Fourth Avenue Residences who has been developed by Allgreen Properties who won the bidding that worth 553M. The bidding was not too crucial due to the fact that only a few bidders joined. This site was formerly owned by the government and sold it under the Government Land Sales Programme. This residential area which is found just right at the heart of the city is a place where plenty of famous scholastic establishments are found.  The Fourth Avenue Residences became more convenient due to the MRT station that makes it more beneficial to the   Fourth Avenue residents who highly expected it just right after the development. But somehow, because of the nearby lot selling the Royalville site the expectations of Fourth Avenue was not met.

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What is the importance of bidding to the project developer?

The real estate builder had formerly placed some sort of forceful bids for Royalville which has rise up the expectations of land bidding with success.This developed to fewer bidders than the greater number that has been formerly expected by many shareholders coming up to bid. Despite everything,  the only seven bidders who positively bidder are still earning appreciation since that the Royalville location price could have obstructed some builders from bidding. The recent improvement will have to be sold out with approximate of $2,250psf, which one should take brave action and investment before they are all purchased by a destructive shareholder, while we assume that the real estate developer ’s profit is at least 10% of the total gross increase value.

Mention some of the nice places found in Fourth Avenue Residence Bukit Timah

It is famous to be one of the topmost numbers of restricted housing design area is Bukit Timah in  Singapore. It is somehow the dwellings of affluent people that consist of several townhouses as well as landed ownership. There as many nice places to feel at ease and visit while in Fourth Avenue Residences Bukit Timah, this includes Bukit Timah Nature Reserve which is Singapore’s highest hill that was transformed into a nature reserve. The main intention of this nature supply ways to conserve the wildlife in Singapore but it is also a magnificent recreation site where both visitors and locals can climb up the hill or walk along the awesome nature trail.