The Best Residential Estates – Fourth Avenue Residences

All of us want our homes to be the best, situated in the most advantageous location and to have unique features of its own. But, finding your ideal residence isn’t as easy as it seems. In reality, nowadays, it is quite difficult to find proper residencies to live in, especially if you want your home to be situated in the best residential areas a city has to offer. There are various factors to keep in mind while looking for your ideal residence. But worry not, as here is the perfect residency that you definitely would want to live in. It is the Fourth Avenue Residences which is situated in the middle of the road named Bukit Timah. This Bukit Timah Road is located near the MRT Station of the Sixth Avenue.

The Bukit Timah Estate

This is a residential area as well as a planning area. This popular residential estate is commonly referred as Bt Timah, which is basically the short form for Bukit Timah. The Bukit Timah contains 7 sub-zones and one of the main reason this area is so famous is that most of the private housings are located in this area. Also, this residential area has many condominiums and landed property that is mostly for the wealthy people.

Bukit Timah Estate

Features of the Fourth Avenue Residences

The Fourth Avenue Residences are surrounded by the luxurious residential areas of this Bukit Timah estate.Furthermore, there are various prestigious schools along with many well-known academic institutions around that area. The schools that are present here are of all type, i.e., there are public schools, private schools, and international ones as well. These are the top-ranked schools all situated in this area. The institutions that are present here are of various types and all are meant for higher learning.

There are many conveniences present all around the Fourth Avenue Residences that make it ideal for people to live in it. Some of these conveniences are like the several shopping centres and food courts that are readily accessible for the people residing there.As the MRT Station of the Sixth Avenue is nearby, it becomes quite convenient for the residents of the Fourth Avenue Residences.

As is clear from all the features mentioned above, the people who live here will have a unique and wonderful lifestyle, right in the middle of Bukit Timah. So, hurry up and contact for more information about the site plans and also the floor plans.