Data Analysis Tools For Web Marketers

In the very competitive environment of web marketing these days, employing the best data analysis tools is crucial in order to be successful. These tools or software are designed to offer convenience and heightened efficiency in sorting out volumes of information and then identify patterns to establish relationships on the factors that affect business. By doing so, a web marketer will be able to learn insights about customer behaviors and preferences, which would be helpful in employing strategies to get them to buy products or avail the services being offered. There are plenty of these data analysis tools and software that can be had now but choosing the right one will be important to ensure that information are rightly interpreted.

Keyword research tools

Here are a number of recommended products which online marketer can find very useful when carrying out their works of analyzing data:

Keyword research tools

To hasten keyword research, the following are useful tools or software to employ. First is KeywordDiscovery, which provides users with view on the annual search frequencies for specific search terms. It also shows graph that outlines the seasonal use of keywords, which can be helpful in targeting their use at a specific time or period. Another is KeywordSpy which is designed to find keywords that other competitors are targeting as well as which identifying which are generating the most profits. Another is Google AdWords: Keyword Tool, which can be used free of charge, making it an excellent alternative to the commercial tools. However, this does not have features like project saving capabilities or advanced query search options.


When it comes to website analytics tools experts recommend that the following tools should be used by web marketers. One is Google Analytics which can be obtained for free. This is a program considered to be very powerful and flexible and it integrates Google Adwords promotion and a wide range of helpful data and reports. Another is Omniture, which is regarded as the most complex and full featured web analytics program compared to others making it more ideal to big companies and websites that receive heavy traffic.


For monitoring rankings on search engines, whether this would the major ones or others, here are the reporting tools that could be helpful. First is Raven Internet Marketing Tools, which can be availed for a trial period. It can deliver an excellent tracking of all organic search rankings for multiple websites. Another is SEOmoz, which can be tried out as well for a free trial period.  It features excellent analysis tools as well as offers platform to manage and monitor specific SEO campaigns. Finally, the Advanced Web Ranking is another tool that is great for conducting ranking research globally on search engines and offers comprehensive number of features. You can also try this method which is PBN backlinks.

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Whatever products or services that a web marketer promotes, like shoes, clothing, food, insurance, offsite data storage services, weight loss remedies, hardware supplies or just about anything, the use of data analysis tools  is essential and vital in formulating  the effective strategies that will eventually attract customers and bring in large amount of revenues and profits.

Online marketers should be always aware of the latest products in order to keep up with or get ahead from other competitors.