Choosing The Perfect Sunglasses – The Face Shape Challenge For Men

Picking the right sunglasses for men is one of the most challenging tasks that you can do. There are so many frames to choose from, and you have to select the frame that suits your facial features. You’re lucky if you can wear anything and look good on it. If you are challenged in this aspect, then you have to learn how to determine the shape of your face in order to find the best sunglasses for you.

The Cheap Oakley Sunglasses For Sale

Oakley is one of the most popular brands when it comes to Sunglasses. But these are very expensive. If you are on a budget, there are also plenty of stores who sell Cheap Oakley sunglasses. This means that you have a wide range of options to choose from. There are so many amazing designs for lifestyle and sports pieces.

Cheap Oakley Sunglasses

Find Your Style – The Face Shapes For Men

There are four different types of face shape. You have so many choices with Oakley sunglasses. But first, identify your face shape and know the sunglasses frame that would be perfect for you.

  • Heart-Shaped Face. The narrowest point of the heart-shaped face is the jawline. Frames that are wide on the top will look perfect for men with heart-shaped faces. The most preferred frames would be categorized as Browline, Retro Square, and Sports frames.
  • Round-Shaped Face. A person with a round-shaped face has the widest point across the cheekbones. They are also more narrow on the forehead and the jawline. The perfect sunglasses for round-shaped faces would be oversized, rectangular as well as angular frames to offset the roundness of the shape. When looking for sunglasses, choose the frames that are called Aviator, Retro Square, and Square.
  • Oval-Shaped Face. Faces with oval shapes are long and wide. This is the easiest face shape when looking for sunglasses. This means that any round or square frames would be perfect for you. Just take note of proportions. It should not be too big or too small on your face. Choose frames like Aviator, Retro Square, or Round.
  • Square-Shaped Face. Men with square-shaped faces have a strong jaw. They have wider foreheads and wide cheekbones. In order to soften these features, choose sunglasses with softer lines and prefer rimless edges. Frames like the Aviator, Browline, and Round are the perfect choice for you.

When it comes to sunglasses, whether you purchase legit or cheap sunglasses, it doesn’t matter. At the end of the day, the goal here is to find the perfect the sunglasses are for you. If you are tight on the budget, buying cheap versions should not be that hard anymore. Make sure that you know your face shape in order for you to choose the matching sunglasses frames that would look good on you.