Different Types Of Oakley Sunglasses Available

Ray Ban and Oakley are two of the most popular sunglasses brands in the world. Even though they are in the same industry, their products and designs are far apart from one another. While Ray Ban is popular for aviators and wayfarers, Oakley is popular for its sports and military sunglasses. Apart from these, there are various other categories of sunglasses available from Oakley that you must know about. You can find cheap Oakley military sunglasses and goggles from Rayban-Oakley-Sunglasses-Sale.

For Men – There are three main categories of sunglasses available for men. They are lifestyle sunglasses, sports glasses, and youth sunglasses. There are also goggles available for snow and motocross activities. There are specific sunglasses available based on various sports like baseball, cycling, golf, fishing, biking, running, skateboarding, tennis and likewise. Apart from these, there are separate collections available from popular celebrities and athletes.

categories of sunglasses

For Women – Just like men, women have three different categories but it is true that Oakley is more of male brand as there is a greater number of sunglasses available for men than women. Women can choose available sunglasses based on the sports they are in like training, tennis, mountain bike, cycling and likewise. They can also choose in terms of frame material and lens technology.

Custom Sunglasses – The reason for the popularity of Oakley as a brand is due to its custom sunglasses. They are modern and highly fashionable. There are unique color combinations available for the lenses tints and coatings. The frames are also innovative and Oakley as a brand is popular for their innovative eyewear products. Some of the popular custom-made sports sunglasses are Flake draft, Flake2, Radar EV, M2 Frame and Radarlock. Apart from these, there are Half jacket, Jawbreaker, and EV Zero models.

Among custom-made lifestyle sunglasses, there are Drop point, Double Edge, Holbrook, Frogskins, Crossrange, GaScan, Fuelcell, Mainlink, Jupiter squared, Batwolf, Sliver, Latch, Turbine, Straightlink, and Offshot. Among them, Turbine rotor, Batwolf, Frogskins, and Crossrange are extremely popular.

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