How To Choose The Right Scope For Your Rifle

Choosing the right scope can contribute to the accuracy and efficiency of your shots when using an airsoft sniper rifle. Scopes of real guns can experience violent recoil when shooting. On the other hand, scopes of airsoft rifles have weak vibrations because of its gearbox. So even the cheapest scopes can provide decent performance to the best airsoft sniper rifles when properly secured. Here are the things you need to consider when selecting a scope for your rifle.

Eye Relief Distance

Make sure that the scope you are buying are designed for airsoft rifles. When using these rifles, you always use eye protection. Make sure you have enough distance between you and the eye piece of your scope. If the eye relief is too short, you will see a penny sized viewing hole hovering in front of your goggles. For comfortable and immersive picture, you need at least a couple of inches of eye relief.

Magnification and Lens Diameter

A 3x-4x magnification scope is recommended for the best airsoft sniper rifle as they can enhance your target acquisition advantage. Scopes with higher magnification such as 12×50 are too powerful for airsoft rifles and too tall to mount on standard rings. Aside from that, taller scopes can increase your overall profile making you easier to hit when on prone position. Aside from that, it can also decrease your ergonomics.

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Reduce Unobstructed Vision

With real steel rifles, recoil is quite frequent because they do not have tracers. In situations like this, you will need reticle design to help you line up your shots and estimate the size and speed of your target. Airsoft BBs are slow enough for you to see where your white or brown BB will land. As a result, you do not need intricate reticle design. A simple and thin cross is enough as it turns your BB into a tracer.

Type of Rail

The ideal location for mounting a magnified scope in above the picatinny rail of your gun’s handguard. It will allow you to look comfortably through the scope. Customized guns have the rails on top of the handguard instead of in the top rail. They are perfect for mounting red dot sights but they can be difficult to focus on a scope mounted on a handguard because the goggles can obstruct your line of sight.

Illuminated Red Dot Reticles

Illuminated red dot scopes without magnification can be great for CQB and indoor games but can be too bright for outdoor sniping. Look for a magnified scope with illuminated reticle or a night vision scope for low lighting conditions and woodland games.