If you are working in the construction industry; or a person familiar with it, you might have heard about the importance fasteners in adding reinforced strength to different structures and applications.

Probably the most common type of these fasteners are the tension control bolts. For many construction experts, this is considered as one of the most reliable and popular types of bolt or fastener used in reinforcing strength in the designed structural steel frames by keeping it together in stressful situations.

It is important for you to learn and understand these small but powerful tools in construction because this is utilized in critical situations to ensure that all structural projects are successfully constructed and maintain strength in any given situations.

Unlike other types of bolts such as an aluminum carriage bolts including, the titanium hex lag bolts, the tension control bolts are used to fasten and tighten the shears off to keep metal frames together. Installing these type of bolts require a specific wrench that is specifically designed to install it.

Tension Control Bolt Manufacturer

The main benefits of tension control bolts are that it is effective in reinforcing the strength of metal and steel structures and it is proven to last longer than any average bolts and a lot of construction firms around the world prefers this kind of bolt for its overall safety and longevity to any structures it is installed. Adding reputation and reliability to this type of fastener is that it is efficiently usable and is very easy to install.

One of the most popular types of tension control bolt is the A490 variant. A lot of construction companies use A490 Tension Control Bolt.

An A490 Tension Control Bolt Manufacturer usually follows the quality standards set in the construction industry thus ensuring the safety and efficiency of these construction tools.

Also, proper storage and handling is a key factor in making sure that the quality of the tension control bolts is maintained. Just a tip, one of the most important thing that you should look out for is its proper storage. Tension control bolts, just like any other metal-made construction materials, it is also subject to being rusted and wear and tear if it is not stored under the right conditions.

One of the main reasons these construction materials lose its quality because it is exposed to humidity and high temperatures and a lot of people who install these to structural metal frames apply to lubricate more than enough which will contribute to counter productivity.

Commonly, tension control bolts are purchased at its highest quality from manufacturing facilities that already applied lubrication thus, applying more lubricant is just redundant and unnecessary.

Another tip to ensure the longevity of tension control bolts is to keep it from an open environment if it is not required to be installed yet. A prolonged exposure to an open environment risks the tension control bolts to lose its quality that is why it is important to store it in a closed storage facility if it is not required to be installed yet.