Linear Office Lighting Solutions From Modern Place

Finding the best lighting solution for your workspace can be a daunting task. One of the most popular and trending options you can consider for your office is LED linear lighting. There are many options available but getting started can be overwhelming. However, it should not be difficult. Modern Palace is your haven for finding the right linear lighting fixtures for your office.

LED linear lighting

What is LED linear lighting?

Linear lights are encased in an aluminum housing mined from an element called bauxite. This element is extracted once to become molten and extruded through a mold forming the correct profile size and shape. It is then powder coated to the finished color. Inside the housing is a heat sink responsible for emitting the small amount of heat generated by the LEDs, LED board, and the driver unit. The diffuser diffuses the light emitted from the diodes. ModernPlace ensures that the linear lighting it manufactures will be of high quality.

Linear Lighting Fittings

There are different types of fittings to choose from for your linear lighting fixture:

  • Suspended fittings use suspension wires to hang from the ceiling and are most suited for office rooms with generous ceiling height. They are also designed for creating stunning accent lighting such as in reception areas, stairways, or atriums. This type of fitting is also perfect for exposed ceilings.
  • Surface mounted fittings are suited for rooms where low ceiling height can limit the use of suspended fittings
  • Recessed fittings are recessed into a surface, whether a ceiling, wall, or other surfaces. However, they do not have a lip on the edge of the profilr and surface finish. They offer a sleek and subtle look.

Configurations for Linear Lighting

Linear lighting is so flexible that you can create endless configurations. Before considering the size or shape of the linear you will use, keep in mind the architecture of your current space as well as how the areas in your office will be used daily. There are configurations for the effect you want to create in your office. For example, there is a configuration for creativity, energy, serenity, calm and relaxation, and others. Think out of the box when determining the effect for your office.

Different Linear Lighting Finishes

One of the biggest appeal of linear lighting is aesthetics. They have emerged as an excellent alternative for the old CAT 2 light fittings. While powder coating is the common finish, you can also choose from other options such as wood, industrial metal, and natural materials as finish for your lighting.