Practical Tips for Choosing the Right Quartz Countertop Color

You made the right decision the moment you chose to consider quartz countertops. When it comes to trendy construction materials, quartz is considered dominant. This artificial stone quickly rivaled granite and marble, as the preferred choice for countertops. This preference will most likely last for decades.

Quartz countertops are appealing because of its consistent look unlike natural stones with color and texture variation. Basically, quartz has uniform color and texture – all the way through. For this, you are assured that it can add to your kitchen’s aesthetic design.

Many distributors these days offer diverse colors and patterns. However, this presents a challenge for most because of the sheer volume of quartz colors available. Keep in mind that the look of the quartz countertop can easily influence the entire kitchen. Every designer knows that selecting the right color can pull the entire room together.

If you are struggling what to color to consider, here are some tips:

Think about the overall color

The initial thing to do is to think about the overall color you want to highlight in your countertops. Most homeowners prefer neutral shades like white or black quartz countertops.

You have to remember that this should be the dominant color. This color will need to match your cabinets, paint colors and other elements in your kitchen. This task will be easy if you consider a basic white cabinet.

aesthetic design

Do not match the shades

In your kitchen, there are many elements competing for your attention. The quartz does not have to match your flooring and cabinet. You have to focus on identifying a color that will complement them instead of finding an exact match.

If you consider an exact match, your kitchen will be uninviting and uninteresting. With this in mind, you should think of ways that you can complement other elements in your kitchen. For instance, you can add bold quartz countertop color if everything is simple and white.


Decide on the veining

Before you head to showrooms, it is prudent to make a list of the accent colors you want in your kitchen. Aside from the accent colors, you should also think about veining. You can consider dark grey or gold flecks veining in your stone. This can help you choose the right color easier because you know what you want.

Bring samples home

If you visit showrooms or distributors, you should ask for samples and bring it back home. When you are checking the samples, put it under natural and artificial lighting so you will know how it exactly looks like when it is finally installed. While you are at it, check if the colors will blend into other elements in your kitchen.