Recommended Barber Chairs to Make Your Customer Relax

Bring a magic of convenient seat in your station

There was a time when I accompany my friend to get barber service. We went to the downtown area and stop at one of the global brands. And then we entered the station to retain the service. During that time, I seat nearby and observe the surrounding area. What makes me impress is this place influence their customer really comfort and enjoy while the barber performs their action to trim their hair. The way they did is by preparing a special barber chair for each customer in their barber stations. This acquires every single customer will have a pride after they complete the service.

multipurpose barber chair

A Red reclining chair

During my observation, I realize every customer has their own body size, weight, and height. Having a fixed type of chair would go to make shoulders stiff. To prevent this condition, they utilize a flexible reclining seat to adjust with customer body type. One of the red reclining chairs has a capability to recline up to 150 degrees and swivel up to 360 degrees. This chair could be lifted up through the hydraulic to adjust the customer and barber height. Not only that, the stool is really comforted with 4” foam with a rubber skin.

TMS heavy duty chair

On the other case, where your customer has more than the average weight, then you should prefer this chair. It has a capability to afford 330 pounds without a problem. On top of that, the overall design is made from a high-quality material. Most of the time, it is prepared in the barber stations as a high duty seat with the design life from 5 years up to 10 years. This capital expense will be recovered in the future.

BarberPub, a multipurpose barber chair

The subsequent one could deliver you more comfort with multipurpose features, which design for a premium customer. This chair covered with waterproof red leather combined with the excellent quality of foam padding through a double stitching process to fit ergonomically with your body. It has a footrest on the bottom part, which produces a benefit if your customer has a long duration of treatment. The distinctive feature of gas piston backrest will enable your position of lock & release very easily. In addition to that, 360 degrees of swivel performance equip you to rotate in any direction necessary.