Tips on How to Keep Protect Thin Hair

A thin hair can be an asset. Many people say that thick hair is better but when you think about it, it is hard to manage. The typical day of thick hairs is filled with annoying tangles and frizz. You do not want to deal with that every day. It will stress you out.

Having thin hair is not necessarily bad. If you know what to do, keeping it stylish despite having thin hair is possible. You can still look good and feel good inside. It is just a matter of knowing what to consider and what to avoid. Here are some tips on how to keep it stylish even with thin hair:

drying your hair
Avoid coconut oil

Using coconut oil is not advisable for people with thin hair. This is because it will only add shine. It won’t make your hair anything better. You have to know that coconut oil will just become coating on top of the hair, which makes it difficult to remove. It can indeed weigh down your hair giving you buildup but it will make your hair thinner in the long run.

Read the label of the shampoos

You have to read the label of shampoos first before you actually use. Be wary of shampoos with ammonium lauryl sulfate or sodium lauryl sulfate. These chemical compounds are also found in detergents, ammonia, and alcohols. These chemicals will give you a thicker feeling but in reality, these ingredients are harsh and drying your scalp and hair.

Avoid too much drying your hair

Part of the routine of girls after the shower is to use blower and hair iron. This is to dry the hair and to add volume. This shouldn’t be considered or at least put to a minimum because you are abusing the hair’s elasticity and natural volume.

Avoid too much hair color

Having colored hair can actually bring more texture to the hair but if you do bleaching always, you have to be wary. Bleaching your hair and putting color always will fry the hair leading to thinning.

Choose the right haircut

The trick to keeping it stylish despite having thin hair is the haircut. The best for thin hair is medium to a short haircut. If you have longer hair, it will weight more resulting in stringy and thinner looking hair.

Choose the right hair treatment

If you want to plump up your hair volume, you have to consider hair treatment. However, there are many hair treatments out there but to be sure, you can book an appointment with the clinic to know more about it.

Embrace your hair’s natural texture

If you have curly or wavy hair, you shouldn’t change a thing. You have to embrace your natural texture. If you blow dry it and iron every day, it will damage your hair and it will look a lot worse.

Know how to use mousse

Mousse is a hair product that can give you instant thickness. You have to use it properly to achieve a thick hair look. Your hair should be damp.