What You Need to Know About Night Vision Scope

Not all people understand the thrill and excitement of night hunting. If you are an experienced hunter, you know that rifle scope makes a difference. If you are new to night hunting, you have to understand everything when it comes to your rifle and the night vision scope.

What is night vision rifle scope?

The rifle scope is like a telescope in the sense that it has objective lens. When light passes through the lens, it will focus on a point inside the scope. When you look through, you will see an image with markers that will point out where to shoot exactly. Night vision rifle scope uses the starlight night vision technology. This technology comes with many generations.

generations of night vision rifle scopes

What are the generations of night vision rifle scopes?

You have to know that there are three main generations of the night vision rifle scope. Gen 1 is the oldest version. These scopes provide a green image, which can be challenging to stare at for a longer period of time. This is perfect for beginners. Gen 2 night vision rifle scopes have this white phosphorus tubes. The good thing about this is that you can get clear images without straining your eyes. Gen 3 is the latest that uses pinnacle tubes to yield the best quality. There are Gen 4 scopes but commonly used by military men.

Why you need night vision rifle scope?

Shooting at night in the forest is not simple at all. Even if you have a flashlight, hunting will not be successful. Night vision rifle scopes need lights to amplify. If you are in the middle of a dense forest, ambient light is not available. Manufacturers understand this need that is why some rifle scopes have built-in infrared illuminator.

How to choose the best day and night vision scope?

When selecting the best scope, you have to consider the distance it can cover and the cost. Remember that higher generation scopes offer long distance. For example, Gen 1 scopes can only cover a distance of 75 yards but Gen 3 scopes can cover up to 300 yards. If you prefer to hunt at closer distances, you can consider the lower generation of scopes. If you want to hunt further away, you should invest in Gen 3 scopes. The cost will depend on the generation, manufacturer, and quality of the scope. For 100 dollars you can find a scope but if you want better results, you should be prepared to spend a little bit more.

Everytime you go hunting or shooting, you have to make sure that you understand the safety precautions.