Starting a conversation with someone you find interesting or someone that you treat special is kind of difficult at first and most of the time this is how people determine their first impression. Since online dating applications are very popular, a lot of people definitely single are using this to meet someone they want or someone they find interesting but not everyone has savvy moves to impress that someone that is why it is important to build up a good rapport and communication so that you can create a connection between you two.

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Composing a message regardless if you want to start a conversation or just to continue what you’ve started could be intimidating or just a walk in the park especially when you’re talking with someone online through online dating app. For many, this is proven to be difficult especially if you really liked that person because you might feel inferior or scared that you might speak the wrong words that might cause them to be offended but don’t worry, the secret to building a good conversation with the person that you treat special.

You should realize that there’s no perfect start in opening up a conversation, but once you’ve introduced yourself and started talking it becomes easy for you to express your mind and feeling. The secret to that is you should compose your desired message first before you click on the send button. Make sure that the message you are composing is interesting to both of you, questions about their personality, hobbies, interests, and other fun stuff to keep yourselves talking. Don’t be too serious or the person that you’re talking to might get intimidated. Having a light conversation makes the person on the other end reply to you easily. So here are a few tips that can improve your skills in conversation with the person you like.

  • Compose your message thoroughly before sending it- Effective messages are those you ask the person on the other end that makes them feel special. Ask them about themselves, the food that they like, their hobbies, the places that they want to go. This kind of questions often opened up a lot of interesting things that keep you talking for hours and this is also the way to determine if you and the person that you’ve liked are sharing the same interests.
  • Be humorous- If you’re a guy, there are a lot of studies that show that if you’re funny, girls would tend to like you back. So be funny, keep her laughing, who knows? She might be falling for you. If you’re a girl, being funny is also a plus side for you considering that most guys also find girls who have the humor to be interesting.
  • Compliment them- Aside from keeping them smile with a funny joke, you should also compliment them. If they’re good looking, it’s not necessary to tell them handsome/beautiful, look for the things that they might not notice like their fashion, their hobbies, their passion, their eyes, etc. anything that makes them feel extra special without being obvious.