WebJaguar B2C E-commerce Software – Solutions

If you are investing in an e-commerce solution then you must definitely choose a reliable B2C e-commerce software that would cater to your needs. This is because, with thousands of e-commerce websites being launched on a daily basis on the world wide web, your business needs to have something that helps you dominate the markets and survive the competition too. One of the best b2c e-commerce software to choose is the one provided by web jaguar.

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Why choose web jaguar b2c e-commerce software?

This software is more than just online sales and cart platform and serves as a multi-faceted tool for marketing, order processing, and management along with awesome looks and design that can be customized according to your business needs. This is a cloud-based software that is designed for online retailers that want to go beyond the limits of the conventional e-commerce platforms. The main reason for the popularity of this software is that it gives the flexibility and control needed by a business to grow and has all sort of dynamic tools in order to streamline the sales and marketing capabilities. All these amazing features are available at a competitive price.

Features to look out for in the web jaguar b2c e-commerce software —

This software is compliant with the W3C standards and ensures that you get a responsive, fast loading, user-friendly website with amazing graphics. At the same time, the admin management tools are highly beneficial. With this platform, you get all tools needed to manage the b2c business such as marketing, sales, supplier management that can be done through a single multi-faceted platform without the need to integrate different solutions. Common features of this software include:

  1. Modules to manage and configure products, catalog, customer groups etc.
  2. import and export tools for data making it fast to update your listings.
  3. Marketing tools that are easy to setup and implement features such as email marketing, lead nurturing campaigns, affiliate programs, promotional tools, customer loyalty incentives, comparisons, product reviews, and recommendations etc.
  4. Several reporting tools to give you proper insights into the success and growth of your business.
  5. Tools for order processing and fulfillment as well as dropshipping.