Chief Mobile Service Operators in Norway

Mobile Subscription in Norway

Norway has three telecommunication operators namely Telenor –Mobil, Netcom and Network Norway. Both the first companies hire air space to smaller tele companies and hence extended their services to reach all the residents and business enterprises for providing better user experience to their customers. One can avail their services from all the mobile retailers starting from purchasing of Sim cards to activating process in their mobile phones. Telenor is the first international telecommunication provider who is highly efficient for its tele services in all the major cities and towns. It has set a history of 160 years in the telecom industry and still continuing with its tele, data and media commincation services. It being largest mobile subscription service provider in the country is responsible for the growth of Norway in the fields of research and innovations that has now spread across Scandinavia and Asia.

Although the mobile devices in Norway chiefly operate on GSM network they had satisfied millions of users with their tele services, broadband and data communications so far. Netcom is the second telecommunication service provider in Norway after Telenor. There are both prepaid to postpaid cards available in telecom industry. Now managing data had become easy with few plans like fixed, monthly and yearly subscriptions. Once the plan is finished for that period the user needs to purchase another subscription to communicate effectively.

If you ever happen to visit Norway and need to avail their mobile subscriptions then checklist the telecom vendors who are highly competitive and their prices vary. There are also few mobile operators who provide mobile subscriptions at special discounted rates and cheap packages. One can experience good coverage all over the Norway and Asia. If you want to use Telenor mobile phone subscription then call on their helpline number or visit their website to know further details as what are documents required for KYC process to avail their mobile packages for effective communication like accessing unlimited calls, text messages and data communication storage.


Are you a Norway resident need the best tele service provider? Telenor, Netcom and Network are the three widely successful mobile subscription operators in Norway who provide best tele, data and media communication services to their customers by letting them have better user-friendly experience.