Everything you need to know about mobile application development costing

If you are an enthusiast wishing to develop your own app, then you may be wondering the costs associated with it, along with other queries.  Did you know both App Store and Google Playstore were started in 2018?  With over 10 years into the business, they are continuing to grow strong.  As per current studies, they grow about 300 apps every day.

mobile app development

Just like everything else, the cost will vary depending on the functionality and complexity of it.  Another factor that plays a major role is the developer of the app.  Someone may make it for couple of hundred dollars while another person may charge in thousands.  There are different phases of app development.

Mobile application development cost

  •  Business Analytics – It is recommended you keep 10% of overall app development cost aside for the business analytics phase.
  •  UI / UX – Cost of Design and Interactive Prototype should be around 15% of the overall budget. Here are some click-through prototype creation tools: invision, marvel, adobe XD and proto.io.
  • Costs associated with coding the application is around 30% of the overall budget.  We can segregate the team in two kinds; the option will depend on the overall budget of the owner: Minimum and Extended.  A “minimum” team will be inclusive of Project Manager, Mobile Developers, UI / UX Engineer, and QA Engineer.  On contrary, an “extended” team will include Business Analyst, Project Manager, UI / UX Engineer, Mobile Developers, Back end Developer and QA Engineer.
  • Project Management – This usually makes up for 15% of the overall budget.  This is paid to the project manager who is responsible for overlooking the entire project from start to finish.
  • QA–This is about 30% of the total cost and it includes testing the app before it is released in the market.

Standard Features of an App

  • Landscape and Portrait Modemobile app development
  • Operating System
  • Offline Mode
  • Push Notifications
  • User Profiles
  • Social Logins
  • Localization
  • Multi-language Support
  • Chat
  • Mobile Ads
  • Analytics
  • Usage Tracking
  • Product Feedback
  • Integrating Payments