IP Address: The Basics You Must Know

When you apply for an internet service, there’s more to the process than just signing papers and following the process. Apart from effective installation of the system, it’s necessary to determine how you can protect your connection from being hijacked. Yes. this can actually happen. There are others who are currently sharing their connection with other people and they don’t even know about it. Apart from that, this can be an opportunity for them to plant a spyware within the system. The different information present will be compromised.

The most important thing is to learn the basics, first and foremost.

IP address

How to figure out my router address?

The specifics have to be learned especially when you’re thinking about changing the current IP. others find it necessary for security. Even if you can automatically search for the IP address with the use of web interface, there’s a need to learn the specific or it’ll be difficult to make the change. You need to manually input the numbers. Fortunately, there are two basic methods that can be used to help you.

One: Using websites that will automatically probe the current connection and provide you with the exact address several seconds after. You can do this when you are easily confused and you want convenience. For the public address, it’s easier. But when you’re thinking about learning the private network, you need to accept or approve the probing program provided by the website. This way, they’ll be allowed to also share the specific numbers. It’s still more convenient.

Two: Manually doing this alone. It’s not something that is actually difficult to do. There’s a need to use the command prompt. This is the black box that will appear when you type ‘cmd’ in the search box. After the box appears, you only need to type: ipconfig | findstr /i “Gateway”. This is a command that will propagate the type of results you want.

VPN vs Proxy Networks

Others are confused and they believe that both of these things are the same. The main functions are actually the same. But there is a huge difference if you look at it properly.

A proxy network is something that only hides the address and the connection. It’s not something that necessarily protects the network. Even if there is someone spying the network, it won’t raise any alarm. It will continue to be invisible. This specific feature isn’t actually something that will guarantee full protection.

VPN, on the other hand, is something that will prevent any outer network from joining and using the connection you have. Piggybacking with the connection is possible when the address is visible and can easily be connected to.