Is D-Box worth your money?

If we take a look into human evolution, we see that we are constantly progressing towards comfortable and better living. We always strive for better experiences in life. We don’t hesitate to spend extra amount for better experiences. Watching movies or playing video games with new D-Box digital technology is one such experience.

Trying it out before you pay

You need to pay extra amount to watch movies or video games in sitting D-box seats. D-box chairs sync your motion with picture. You will have enhanced movie watching experience. Not all movies go with D-Box digital technology. If you spend money for watching a slow motion movie, you will not get what you expected.  D-box seats are good for high paced movies. You will enjoy watching action scenes, flying scenes, big building views and riding scenes well with these D-Box seats. As your chair constantly move and give you motion experience, you better immersed with the movie and find it enjoyable.

Box digital technology

Video games with fast driving scenes give you real feel of it. It makes you feel like you are actually riding. You may feel disoriented when you first use this. But you will surely get adjusted and start enjoying it quickly. Some theatres offer you to watch movie trailers sitting in D-box chairs. It gives you a glimpse of this experience. You will get to know how it works and makes you feel. It will also set your expectations right. If you feel it is worth spending extra bucks to have this experience, you can go for it. If not, you can drop and watch movie in regular environment.

Have your own

You can also buy special d-box furniture for your home theatre. This way you can make one time investment and enjoy the benefits for long if you don’t want to spend extra money every single time to watch every single movie with d-box experience. You can just buy one d-Box chair and can enjoy watching movies and video games at your home happily. You and your family members can access it and this way you can save money while experiencing fun and joy. If you want, you can also buy special platforms which can be fixed to your existing furniture and convert them to d-box chairs. Many people opt for this option too. As you reserve some money, you can buy your own D-Box seat and have better experience watching and playing.