TorGuard review- Features and benefits

TorGuard’s main selling point is its provision for peer-to-peer file sharing, which is normally not supported through VPN services.

Those who usage BitTorrent and additional file sharing program will get widespread use out of TorGuard, plus will also advantage from its best Unnamed Torrent Proxy service.

non-VPN linking


As per TorGuard review,TorGuard’s confidentiality features moreover create it a valuable choice for those who worth their online secrecy, as the firm goes the extra mile toward ensuring that its consumers are safe. The Nameless Email service is a pleasant bonus for those who desire extreme coverage online.

In relations of performance, Tor Guard is moreover worth it for persons in search of fast performance. However, for most clienteles, Tor Guard is fast sufficient toward performing all the utilities that the regular user would need.

TorGuard is a valuable choice for anyone who is in search of a mid-range VPN by robust safety features plus speed. It is a definite topmost pick for torrent customers as well as power users, who will appreciate its Bit Torrent-friendly strategy and surfeit of added privacy features. Tor Guard’s sensible pricing creates it a feasible option for both spontaneous as well as power users.

Streaming or Netflix

While it is possible to use Tor Guard to stream video through Netflix as well as additional services, its slow speed comparative to additional similarly-rated VPNs means it is distant from the greatest choice.

As per TorGuard review, TorGuard has 15-20 percent droplet in bandwidth performance linked to a non-VPN linking. However this is quicker than budget VPNs, for example, CyberGhost, it’s not as fast as NordVPN as well as Private Internet Access, two VPNs that are in the similar price bracket as TorGuard. This means that streaming customers can anticipate some buffering while they are watching videos.

TorGuard warranties a 24x7x365 online backing toward the users over live chat in addition to through an email ticket process. On the entire, Tor Guard manages to supply all that it assurances in the given reasonable packages.  Irrespective of the firm being comparatively new toward the VPN marketplace, it accomplishes to offer everything required to relish cheap, fast, and secure internet access.