Variety of security doors for added security

security door

In almost all environments, a high level of security is required to prevent theft and theft. Not surprisingly, doors of all types and sizes are installed. Doors that provide greater security can be single or double doors.


A double-layer sheet door with a high degree of protection can have a thickness of 45 mm with a design with two trays. It can be bent and screwed with anti-earth tape made of stainless steel. Sheet steel doors are quite standard in steel with a thickness of 1.2 mm only for opening outwards.

Such security doors, as a rule, are made with a special bonding core from a special honeycomb material for greater rigidity, which prevents twisting with the possibility of insulation from mineral wool.

Important components of high security doors are the door frame and hinges. The door frame is usually covered with 1.5 mm Zintec with an internal articulated chassis system. It comes with one 90mm discount profile and headless screw adjusters for better fit and installation. Printing is also available during the actual site setup.

High quality doors with a high degree of protection, as a rule, are not painted in any order, although it is recommended to use premium gray color for anti-corrosion quality. A long warranty can be offered with doors that are coated with a very long color powder finish.

Doors from Patrick Landau – Maydex

One of the minimum standard security doors on the market is the Patrick Landau – Maydex doors. This minimum standard in security doors was first introduced in 1999 for the desired high security function at any entrance to any environment.

This type of security door measures and approves the security level of any door used as a quality safe entry. High-quality doors Patrick Landau – Maydex must comply with the technical requirements and requirements imposed by the police of the standard “Guaranteed Design”.

These doors come with a heavy-duty door closure that allows you to quickly return doors to their closed position for safety. They are equipped with hidden magnetic locks, which provide additional security and activate automatic locking. These Patrick Landau – Maydex doors are made safer thanks to full welding and very durable continuous hinges.