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5 secrets that every lottery player should know

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Tip # 1: Have a contingency plan in case you lose your winning ticket

A lost winning ticket is the worst case that can happen if you have nothing more than the original ticket. Make sure against this by copying tickets. This is the first thing you should do to make sure you win the guaranteed lottery.

Before making a photocopy of your tickets, be sure to do this …

Tip # 2: Put your property listing your name on each ticket

Write your name on each ticket. You can include the words “ticket owner” if you wish. As a general rule, to receive prizes in the main lottery dice games, you must present an identity card with an identity card or a driver’s license.

After you have done this, make a photocopy of the tickets. This will help you win the guaranteed lottery.

Tip # 3: If you are giving someone a ticket, make sure you can get it.

There are certain rules in the lottery. For example, players must be over 18 years old. If you give a ticket to a niece or minor nephew as a birthday gift, you will be sure that your happiness will quickly become disappointment when they realize that they cannot claim a prize. What a turn of events it will be!

Tip n. ° 4: check your ticket at the lottery store so you don’t miss a winning ticket

Many players generally check the tickets on their own according to the results of the game. However, when we trust only in our eyes, there is a possibility that we can skip the winning number.

Tip # 5: Protect yourself if you play in the union

Be sure to receive a document signed by each union member. This document should indicate what games you play, what amounts each of you contributed and how you will share the winning prize when paying. This avoids dishonesty and subsequent conflict.