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5 Types Of Racks For Heavy Items And When Do You Need Them

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Your perishable and non-perishable baking items should be stored properly to avoid them going to waste. There are sure ways of storing them and most of them call for the use of a dunnage rack. These racks can keep the items safe and secure by elevating them from the floor. There are different types of dunnage racks that you can choose from – metal or plastic, slotted or solid, and mobile or stationary.

Metal Dunnage Racks

These racks have heavy-duty construction that will let you store bulky ingredients like bags of flour or sugar. This can also be used to stack heavy canned goods giving you the proper height for storing items. Those made in aluminum are the most used in the bakery because they do not rust and can just be wiped clean.

Mobile Dunnage Racks

If you need to store some items in the back of your bakery but you want it to be movable, then you need the mobile dunnage racks. They are usually made of heavy-duty plastic with swivel casters to make it easy for you to maneuver if you are moving things around in your storage area. They have slotted designs that will let proper air circulation which is perfect for storing perishable ingredients.

Plastic Dunnage Racks

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These are racks that give your items perfect elevation in the storage. They are usually made of heavy-duty plastic materials that provide durability, strength, and added stability perfect for your large and bulky items. They have rounded edges to protect your products and also reduce any possibility of bag punctures. They come in different sizes and colors for you to choose from. The plastic dunnage racks vary in weight capacities and when using them, your products should be evenly distributed on the rack. With the plastic dunnage racks, you can choose from solid or slotted types depending on what you need.

Slotted Dunnage Racks

The slotted or ventage racks are perfect for perishable products. These racks have small spacing in between its slats for proper air circulating while preventing your items from falling through. This is the best choice for walk-in freezers and coolers. You can choose from plastic or aluminum construction depending on what you need.

Solid Dunnage Racks

The solid top of these racks can help contain any spills or leaks from your ingredients. If you choose solid dunnage racks made of plastic, they are easy to clean and maintain. These racks are ideal for storing wet or liquid ingredients, especially for your walk-in freezer or refrigerator.

Now that you know the different types of dunnage racks that you can choose from, for sure you will be able to find something that you can use in your storage area. Make sure that you pick the one that will suit your needs.