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Alexei Orlov is great Entrepreneur

brand management is Alexei Orlov


The great entrepreneur, founder, and CEO of mtm choice is Alexei Orlov. He is a specialist in brand management with many years of experience in business leadership and global marketing Orlov has constructed a reputation in presenting brand activation as well as highly targeted media optimization. Orlov was also jointly responsible for the technical and commercial excellence of the regional business of Volkswagen when he was working with the company’s core executive team.

Specialist in brand management

Alexie’s Techniques are famous

Alexei Orlov has created each agency of the four which he has created to specialize in relevant social, cultural, audience intelligence, content creation, experience design along with production creative strategies, and media deployment. The four agencies are local projects, sub-rosa, NOM, Camron PR. Alexei Orlov is a specialist and proven expert in strategies and tactics for international brand management, marketing deployment as well as operational change management and has worked to incur Vast and immense achievements along with fame in the field of global marketing.

He has experience spanning 30 years with 50 brands and 40 countries. He has an exciting trend and that trend excites Alexei Orlov towards digital as well as social authenticity. He is a top-level consultant before starting mtm choice worldwide to the chief executive officer as well as the chairman of DAS which is the international division of the group named Omnicom Group.

He has also served as the chief executive officer globally of RAPP, core dialog worldwide. He’s a professional leader and also has worked as global brand communications director for Volvo Cars along with the marketing director for the Volvo United Kingdom and one important thing to note is that during his term than was the national sales company which is the second largest for the Volvo Corporation.

Mtm choice was in the negotiations for the completion of funding in the second round to support the acquisitions which are additional top tier and also has completed recently its acquisition #4 with a number of specialist shops. Besides, Alexei Orlov was also the owner of MCW as well as ROCQM and these are both businesses that will be specializing in the field of brand strategy.


With the utilization of series of techniques for increasing the value of a product or a service, Alexei Orlov has gained vast experience in brand management and he’s a seasoned practitioner in international business leadership and global marketing.