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Door Access Control System For Your Commercial Building

Door Access Control System

Access control is critical to ensuring security for all types of commercial or government buildings. Restricting access to authorized people is critical to the safety and efficiency of a business or organization. You will find access controls, parking gates, shop entrances, police stations, secure offices, storefronts and many other uses that need to be restricted.

Access controllers

Door access controls come in many forms to provide invalid security:

  1. Iris scan (cannot be faked)
  2. Fingerprint (hard forgery)
  3. Key card (anti-theft device)
  4. RFI card (can be stolen)
  5. Wireless remote control (anti-theft device)
  6. Camera (verification of human identity is difficult to destroy)
  7. Keyboard (mostly hard forged)
  8. Call Box (sound unreliable when not combined with live camera for ID)

In areas with high security, the combination of the above should be used. This is a backup for basic security measures that make blocking difficult.

Access controllers are associated with electronic devices that are used to provide access to people in one of the following basic ways:

  1. Automatically unlock or open the door.
  2. Automatically unlock or open the door.

The access controller is also responsible for securing a room after the door or gate is opened and provides an alarm method if it detects that the access point has been open too long.

When choosing an access control method, get professional advice from an expert who knows all of the options and which is the most practical and cost-effective for your specific security needs. Hire an expert in a field who is familiar with the field. They know what’s best for the least amount of money, especially for your needs and concerns.

Our electronic door access control system have been in the commercial door business for over many years. They can help you choose the right access control system for your specific application. Big, small, big or small.