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Effective sales engagement software solution for increasing your sales engagement.


The data provided to your salespeople is a vital component of their participation in the sales process. The excellentsales engagement platformat www.structurely.comwill track and monitor all interactions between group members and their respective customers. This gives you the ability to make informed decisions about what works and what does not.

Send emails either using an integrated email client, such as Outlook or directly through the tool, whichever you want. Make use of email templates that are pre-built or that may be customised. Some systems provide two-way email sync, which allows you to keep track of both sent and received emails in the same place. You may also visit the team mailbox to react to any emails that have gone unanswered. When are you going to make your decision? What is the frequency with which you update? Which script proves to be the most successful? Is it necessary to send an email before making a phone call? Which demographics are the most successful at converting?

Build highly targeted initiatives at the management level

Structurely enables you to create high-level tailored email outreach campaigns with multi-stage automatic follow-ups to prospects and customers. Depending on the recipient’s behaviour and involvement, the follow-up email steps are triggered and initiated.

Customer journeys and sales actions are tracked and reported using a sales engagement platform, which creates reports that provide insights. These reports may be used to make reliable data-driven business choices about the sales strategy, investment in sales and marketing initiatives, and other aspects of the company’s operations.A system that can evaluate this data, offer answers to crucial questions, and aid you in designing a high-converting selling process must be in place.


Whenever customers are reached via their chosen communication methods or get tailored offers and discounts, they are far more likely to react positively. Using sales engagement platforms, sales teams may provide excellent customer experiences that result in higher levels of engagement. These platforms are supported by sales intelligence and provide omnichannel communication capabilities.