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Eliminate The Challenge of Vacuum Seal Bags With These Tips

vacuum sealer bags

As a fellow foodie, your kitchen is filled with many gadgets that help you create the most amazing culinary masterpieces. A vacuum sealer bags are one of those must-have pieces of equipment for getting foodies out there, but if you are new to this hobby, it can be difficult to know which model or type is right for your needs.  

Let’s take a look at how vacuum sealers work, some tips on what features to consider when selecting a model and how to use these appliances. 

How Vacuum Sealers Work

Vacuum sealers remove air from a bag that is then heat sealed to protect the contents. They are not only used to preserve food but also collectibles like watches, coins, and other valuables.

All vacuum sealers work on the same basic principle: an airtight sealer will save you money by preventing freezer burn in stored items or ensuring the freshness of your favorite delicacies as if purchased from a gourmet store.  

Most models have two rollers – one with a serrated edge and another smooth roller- which create an airtight chamber as they meet during the sealing process after pulling food away from the edges.  

Some high-end models come with automatic features, including built-in bag roll storage, automatic shut off, and seal only function to preserve your foods up to five times longer.  

vacuum sealer bags

Features To Consider

Dual sealing system – This reduces the risk of leakage at the seam, which can happen if there is a single seal against one side of the bag. Bag detection feature – Some vacuum sealers are designed for bags but not other containers, so make sure the unit you are considering works with all types or specifically with pouches made by its manufacturer. Automatic dry/moist food settings – Make sure you get this feature because it automatically adjusts the process based on container type. If you have purchased moist food, select that option for the best results.

How To Use A Vacuum Sealing System

Vacuum sealers are easy to use, and you don’t need any special equipment other than the machine, a roll of shelf-stable bag material, and something to catch any liquid that might drip from your food or container. If that happens, wipe up excess quickly with a paper towel as it may create an unwanted mark on your table.