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Frequently Asked Questions When Hiring a Chicago Motor Coach

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Modern-day travelers these days are changing their perspective of the way they travel, other plans are taking their travel experience to a new method. One of these is taking a different path to accommodate larger groups on a chicago motor coach for longer road trips.

When your group is traveling for a private transportation service like motor coaches or minibuses, make sure that you book the vehicle earlier and no later than six to nine months to ensure the availability of the vehicle.

Especially if you’re going to visit the beautiful and captivating land of Chicago, you really need to make sure that you have a plan. You can visit tons of amazing sceneries and places to do some fun activities in Chicago like Crown Fountain, Chicago Riverwalk, Brookfield Zoo, and Chicago Children’s Museum.

So, if you plan for a trip, make sure to call the rental company that you prefer to book for a reservation and to choose the vehicle appropriate for your group.

But before that, here are the following frequently asked questions when hiring a Chicago Motor Coach:

FAQ #1: Can You Bring Foods and Beverages on The Motor Coach?

Yes, you can definitely bring outside foods and beverages inside the motor coach, but it is advisable to verify this to your rental company before the scheduled date. Sometimes, even if they allow you to bring food and beverages, it still best to ditch any smelly and messy food for the sake of your fellow passengers.

If your groups leave any marks of crumbs and spills, make sure to clean them up before the end of your motor coach rental. Your rental company may charge your group for the cleaning fee if you leave any messes from their vehicles.

Moreover, most motor coaches have their bins inside at the front to collect your group’s trash before you exit on the motor coach.

FAQ #2: Can You Drink Alcoholic Beverages Inside the Motor Coach?

Adult passengers are allowed to bring alcoholic drinks on most motor coaches’ rentals. However, your group may require to pay for a security deposit to cover any possible damages that may occur.

Also, let your reservation specialist know such details as you’re planning to bring some alcoholic drinks inside the vehicle at the time of booking so they can adjust your group’s accommodation.

Moreover, to ensure passenger’s safety, always remind your group members who are planning to drink that any reckless behavior can distract the driver, which can lead to a hazardous and catastrophic situation.

chicago motor coachFAQ #3: Are Pets Allowed to Bring Inside the Motor Coaches?

Unfortunately, most rental companies have a strict no-pets policy on their rental guidelines. However, rental companies are required to enable disabled passengers to ride their vehicles with an assistance dog according to the Law. But make sure that the assistance dogs or service animals should be in a harness and must be under the control of a particular passenger at all times.

FAQ #4: What Items are Not Allowed on Motor Coaches?

Each rental companies have different policies, so it is recommended to leave any weapons, flammable materials, explosives, and dangerous chemicals at your home. Also, passengers are not allowed to smoke inside motor coaches, but you can still smoke at any road stops in designated smoking areas along the road. If you are not sure what specific items you need to bring, it is better to ask your rental company at the time of booking.

Hope that these frequently asked questions help you before booking for a motor coach. The most important thing is to ask your rental company for clarification to avoid misunderstandings and confusion at the end.