Garage doors can also act as front doors

Your home is only as secure as its weakest point of entry, which is an overhead garage door for some of them. While homeowners typically keep strong front entry doors, garage door security is also a needed one. Some of the burglars may enter through the garage, which is unfair. So read below for simple ways to help protect your premium garage doors Canada from thieves, and get priceless peace of mind.

Frost the windows to obscure the interior of the garage.

  • Windows enhance the appearance of a garage door while also allowing in natural light. Unfortunately, thieves are likely to get in through the windows. After that look for expensive tools and before that they check to see if all the cars are gone. If there is no one at home it is a good sign for them, so they break in.
  • Adding a layer of frosted film to the windows, such as Window Whirl’s Privacy Film will have motion-detecting floodliaghts. This will increase garage door security.
  • Because many thieves operate under the cover of darkness, a sudden flash of light is often enough to find them. Solar floodlights are the simplest to install because no electrical wiring is required. There are many best motion sensor lights with a broad detection range.

Close the door that connects your garage to your home.

  • Many homes have attached garages, which make the owners convenient to enter and exit the house without having to walk through any type of weather, but that connecting door may also give security risk if it is not locked.
  • Once a burglar has gained way to your premium garage doors Canada, he can easily enter your home. Keep all door locked at all times, and for extra garage door security, you can have a steel security door with a deadbolt in this location as well.

Take a look at a garage door lock.

  • Consider having a locking handle if your garage door opens manually with a handle. A physical key is required to open a garage door lock.
  • You can also deter burglars by keeping a lock. It is attached from inside of the door, and the locking bar must be slid into place by someone manually from inside the garage. Before entering your home, you must lock it behind to prevent anyone from opening the garage door until you unlock it. By these ways you can prevent from robbery