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Hamed Wardak: The Story of Legacy

Story of Legacy

Hamed Wardak started at a very young age being one of the excelling students in his class. Ever since, he was known for having such high intellectual capacity, none of which anyone can battle within the class. For that, he became an inspiration. Formerly from Afghanistan, he was the son of Afghanistan’s Defense Minister, Rahim Wardak. Growing up, he attended his studies at Georgetown University, a university at Washington D.C., where he studied for four years from 1993-1997 and was elected as the valedictorian of his class during graduation. More than that, he was also acknowledged with a scholarship from International Rhodes Scholar in 2017.

The Business Legacy

Hamed served as Managing Director for Foreign Operations for Technologists, Inc. from 2004 to 2005. Technologists, Inc. worked as a consultant with the United States Government participating in enterprise growth activities in partnership with the U.S. Department of Defense and the United States Agency for International Growth (USAID). Under Mr. Wardak’s leadership, Technologists, Inc. produced $44 million in design and built contracts to support Afghanistan.

In addition to his work at Technologists, Inc., Hamed Wardak was one of the first eight members of the Campaign for a US-Afghanistan Partnership (CUSAP). CUSAP was conceived as a humanitarian organization that leveraged the efforts of both Afghan and American people to operate on the objective of prosperous and stable stability for Afghanistan and its citizens Utilizing his business acumen and connections formed through college years, Hamed Wardak developed “Ludas Athletics,” an apparel brand built to complement the human form.

memories of Wardak

The Music

Hamed Wardak has recently joined music production, and you will find him playing under the umbrella of “Valen of Wicked” at musical events. His latest style of electro meets historically influenced rhythms is earning him considerable popularity in the NYC music scene and across the world. Valen of Wicked came from a position he can barely describe easily since it was made on such a radically personal basis. It can be said that the reason the company/division of music development ended up with the name Wicked has something to do with the mutual memories of Wardak, both positive and weak, but also to do with the sound that he is producing with his music at the moment.

More Personal Details Of Wardak

Wardak says he is spending the first two to three hours of his day in the gym. Working out for him first thing in the morning is vital as he starts his day well, he has his body and my artistic mind juiced and ready to go for the rest of the day, and that helps him build and maintain the brand identity he strives for Wicked, he added. After he completes his daily fitness routine, he spends the better part of his day divided between the activities of his business at the moment and the music development division in particular, and study in the emerald portion.

Vigorously studying, preparing, and conducting. He stays involved and aware of his work in the field. He would never stop doing work. He is practicing continuously and applying new techniques to his technical skills chart. When preparing his next project, he makes carefully and speedily. Still, because of practical and thought-out preparation, he understands every step is required better to implement his next move before the implementation process. Then, he is performing it and letting things happen.

Qualities That An Entrepreneur Must Possess

  • Motivation: Entrepreneurs are inspired by design. Above everything, they bring their projects off the ground in long hours and spend massive amounts — at times, all they have — to fulfill their ambitions. All this they do realize it may take months or even years for them to enjoy the fruits of their labor potentially.
  • Vision: The successful businessmen have a dream of what they intend to do, how they will attain their ambitions, and who they need by their side to reach their objectives. An idea serves like a guide leading them in the path of prospects that maybe nobody else has noticed.
  • Passion: Love or desire for the craft is another business trait. Although a decent payoff at the end of the road is excellent for inspiration, business people seem to be motivated mostly by a love for their service and a determination to create a difference. Additionally, this zeal or motivation helps sustain entrepreneurs during times where discouragement would otherwise manifest.
  • Trust for one’s self: Entrepreneurs can not survive without esteem or self-confidence. We ought to be comfortable with themselves, as well as in the goods or services we offer. They would have the desire, whether they trust in themselves, to continue the path irrespective of challenges or discouragement. Use. Use. They still have the appetite to take chances — after all, they assume they will be sufficient.
  • Consistency or discipline: Wardak maintains that discipline is a practice that helps him as an entrepreneur more successful. Any artist must have the requisite discipline to concentrate and design his or her work completely. As the maker of every rhythm of his song, he is the producer of every tone, and if he doesn’t produce and reveal the truth of the music every day, then he doesn’t make progress, and his company doesn’t develop as it should.


There are a few but best things that we can learn and get inspired by Hamed Wardak. A few of which is to research and plan your actions and decisions thoroughly. It is always your company’s first impression that can be everything in the marketplace. It is also important to note that the qualities mentioned above are what you need to consider and put into mind and heart for you to become a successful entrepreneur. Lastly, you should never hinder or stop yourself from learning everything, especially if it is beneficial for your business.