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How to Use Face-to-Face Marketing to Grow Your Business

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Face-to-face marketing has a lot of clouts. Consider it like going to the theater: a show that provokes thought while also satisfyingly entertaining the audience. You may need to include demos or interactive activities in your pitch during a trade show. In a store, it could entail bringing in a subject matter expert to do a demonstration to draw in your target audience. For example, one of the businesses you were involved in was a farm shop that sold organic meat and local food. We invited a well-known chef to perform a cooking demonstration using our products.

We witnessed a ten-fold spike in orders during that period due to the campaign. Face-to-face marketing is an excellent example of the notion of giving as much as possible. Whether its grilled vegetables in a farm shop or an impressive performance at a trade exhibition, it’s all about grabbing the customers’ attention. Here are some of Smart Circle face-to-face marketing ideas:

  1. An event to thank clients was held.

It is a terrific method to invite your clients to an event where they can learn more about your company while also having fun and socializing. For example, I recently brought some of my best clients to a televised racing event held at a well-known racing track. We had a business presence in the morning, lunch, and then the racing event in the evening. It went over quite well because there was no pressure on them to buy anything. It is a brilliant method to increase client trust in your company.

  1. It is a fundraising event.

Participating in fundraising indicates that your company cares about the community and is willing to put itself out there. Still, it also gives you an excellent opportunity to publicize your company because fundraising events often generate a lot of press.

  1. Workshops

These are also a fantastic chance to share your knowledge about your industry with the local community. You can as well take advantage of this chance to interact with participants and obtain valuable feedback for your company.

  1. A talent show for the community

For two reasons, this is a fantastic concept. The first is that your company supports a talent show in your community, ensuring that many see your advertising of people. Second, many companies now host recruitment events similar to American Idol tryouts. It is regarded as amusing and distinguishes you from the crowd.

  1. At a major trade fair, a hospitality suite.

By assuring a high-visibility presence at a large trade show, you may capitalize on this by either bringing smart circle clients’ ideas to the event or giving a consumer presentation about your company.