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Importance and Methods of Tooth Replacement

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When oral hygiene efforts have not been successful and are out of the routine maintenance phase, many things can happen in the teeth and gums, leading to the need for professional dental replacement or some form of restorative care. If you have lost your teeth, you have the opportunity to restore them.

Let’s look at the cause and the effect:

If you have lost your teeth, it is best to visit your dentist as soon as possible. Substituted teeth can cause additional problems in the mouth. If you don’t have teeth, it will be harder to chew food. Not only that, when you talk or smile, it takes away your appearance. Teeth that are close to an open area may begin to move and become bent over time.

Depending on what teeth are missing, your drill may become a problem, and the two front teeth may start to protrude. Sometimes it can cause pain or tooth decay when food hits other teeth near open spaces.

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There are several methods to missing tooth replacement singapore. Each uses an implanted dental axis that acts as a root. It is fixed and fixed on the jaw, and the crown is permanently attached to it. This process looks completely natural and has a pleasant appearance.

Another method is to use a bridge. It is attached to a fixed tooth on the side of the space. It is permanent and cannot eliminate it.


A common and older method is the use of dentures. The prosthesis is also called artificial teeth, which you can insert and remove as you wish. It is cheaper than implants and bridges. In some cases, they may slide slightly.