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Know-How the Soul Publishing Became Online Sensation

TheSoul Publishing

Leaving Behind big gigantic companies like Viacom, Warner Media, and Disney, this online channel was among the first ones to gain a hundred billion views on their social media handle from around the world. This Cyprus-based start-up who is the main handler behind the channels of ‘La La Life’ and ‘5-minute crafts’, gained its success like any other Hollywood story. A group of programmers from Russia with a dream has made this story successful, their dream to build a website with a niche in marketing and advertising. Thus the studio of two amazing social media handles, TheSoul Publishing started their journey into this industry.

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This company has become one of the first publisher houses in media to achieve 100-billion views for their social media channel, which has different online content based on their niche.
In their YouTube and Facebook channels, they left behind all the famous media houses like Warner Media, Walt Disney Company, Comcast, Viacom CBS, and even Sony Pictures Entertainment, and rose to the top in gaining the highest number of views on their social media channel.

And as for the latest of May of 5th, TheSoul Publishing social media channel, ‘5-minute craft’ is on a rank of 9th in the list of the top channel with the highest subscribers.
While on an overall note, the soul publishing media house has a total of more than a billion subscribers from around the world.

And According to the social media analytics, whose data is gathered by tubular labs, soul publishing gained this popularity due to its short formations of video content on their channels that includes La La Life, 123Go, and Slick Slime Sam.

No doubt their, unique approach towards their audience, whether in making those small videos or providing unique content gained them this success over any other large media houses. Proving that these start-up companies can also thrive, just they need to find their niche and stick to it and provide the best for their audience.

TheSoul Publishing

This is very interesting to see a small media house like this gaining such popularity among the biggest creators from around the world, and taking this new creator industry to next level with their much unique content. While reaching billions of people and encouraging their fan base to start their own too is a unique approach, says the director of YouTube creators, Jamie Byrne. Therefore, with such great strategies, this channel is now known as the largest media house in social media.