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Lice Doctors are experts in the removal of lice permanently

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Despite their widespread presence, Head lice continue to cause concern among parents, teachers, and healthcare staff. The good news is that, in most cases, head lice do not cause any significant sickness and may be treated rather quickly and. Although itching may be a symptom of a lice infestation, most people do not show any signs of having lice. Take note of the fact that, although the only reliable evidence of an infestation is the presence of a live louse, the presence of nits may indicate the existence of an active infestation that is now occurring or has already happened. All therapies of Lice doctors Tampa are entirely risk-free. They have never had a customer experience any adverse side effects. Technicians do not need to utilise chemicals, gimmicky enzyme solutions, possibly dangerous heat devices, or goods that might provoke allergies.

lice doctors Tampa

The nit life cycle begins with an egg placed by a female louse on a single strand of hair, which forms the whole process. These nits are tightly attached to the strand of hair to prevent them from falling out. When the eggs are initially placed, they are small and even microscopic, but as they mature and become visible around the second or third day, you may notice them by looking at the base of a strand of hair near to where it links to the scalp, which is where the eggs are laid. The eggs are oval in form and brown or tan in colour when taken from the hair strand. They are connected to one side of the strand of hair and are oval in shape when removed from the thread of hair.


When seeing the nit against a white backdrop, the brownish hue of the nit is the most visible. The insect inside this egg must have access to the warmth given by the human skull to live and ultimately hatch.